"This is a basic professional portfolio. It is meant to serve as an overview of various past and current experiences within the production support and system administration field. I am currently working within a blended version of these two departments now. This overlap is mainly due to the job requirements, but also for the fact that the industry has shifted in the amount of computer related technology required. This is an exciting position because it offers a lot of opportunity for project improvements, system integration, and increased repair efficiency due to advancement of monitoring tools."

General Projects

"This area contains examples of projects that have resulted from continued service repairs, process upgrades, and workflow improvements. The ROI focused on returns from downtime, waste, support costs, and overall increased efficiency. "


"This section is about the setup, management, and administration of the production support department."

ERP System

"A lot of time and effort was involved in implementing an ERP system. This section describes some of the efforts used to setup and configure the new system to improve processes and workflows."